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Cover Your Online Tracks with Firefox’s VPN Extension

Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that shields you from the risks that come with free Wi-Fi and an internet-heavy world constantly trying to probe into your connection and web activity. Similar to other VPNs, Firefox Private Network aims to protect you and your information. It’s easy to use and works to secure your digital privacy so you can browse without worry.

Stay Safe in Public

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is dangerous for obvious reasons. While it is free to all who can connect to it, it won’t provide you with much encryption to keep your connection out of harm’s way. Hence, developers created VPN apps (virtual private networks) to give you more security whenever you need to access a public network. Firefox Private Network’s main job as a desktop extension is helping you be safe from hackers who may try to exploit your device’s data. It will encrypt the web addresses you visit so online snoopers cannot follow your digital tracks while you connect to public Wi-Fis. The app will also hide your location, keeping you safe from ad trackers.

Easy to Use

Firefox Private Network works so easily. You just have to add it as an extension to your Firefox desktop browser and sign in your Firefox account. The next time you use your web browser, the app will automatically start encrypting all your online activity. If there are any issues regarding your connection, Private Network will ping you with an icon and a message so you can resolve it. On the onset that the app is offline, your online activity will then be routed directly to the network you are connected to for better security while your proxy service is out.  It helps that Cloudflare is Private Network’s proxy server provider. Your data won’t be kept with them for too long so there’s no need to worry. 

Half-Convenient and Half a Hassle

Firefox Private Network isn’t just for one PC. If you have your Firefox account set to sync to other desktop devices, you can enable Private Network on them by signing in from your toolbars. If you don’t want to use the extension anymore, it can be easily removed from your Firefox account, as well. This ease with which you can control your connection’s security is great for any type of user needing a reliable VPN. However, this desktop extension is heavily reliant on having a Mozilla Firefox account, so if you don’t even use that web browser that much, this app is already a bit useless to you.


  • Automatically encrypts your activity
  • Linked to your Firefox account
  • Gives a direct route to the network when it’s down
  • Can be synced to other devices


  • Desktop only
  • No advanced settings
  • Needs you to be signed in
  • Only one server provider

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Firefox Private Network


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